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We provide a reliable and efficient supply chain, last-mile services, and organization of all processes involving logistics, warehousing, and distribution of cargo and merchandise.

Who Are We?

About Us

PPC Logistics Corporation is the logistics arm of PPC Group. We work closely with various networks in the shipping, forwarding, and trucking industries. We provide customers with reliable and efficient supply chain management and organization of all processes involving logistics, warehousing, and distribution of products. Aside from constantly searching for better solutions and more efficient options for the client, PPC Logistics Corporation employs only the latest and the most efficient technologies, machinery, and tools, and adheres to the industry standards in order to meet customer satisfaction and provide a complete and reliable logistics solution.

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Our Services

Sea Freight

With our strong partnership with all the reliable Sea Carriers, it gives us the leverage in offering attractive freight rates, guaranteed sailing schedules, cargo safety and security in moving Full Container Shipments Nationwide. Our value service is designed for customers seeking the most effective & economical freight option, while still meeting important time schedules.

Air Freight

Shipping your cargo by air with PPC Logistics will keep goods moving at optimal speed and efficiency along the supply chain. Our Airfreight Services provides three solutions: Value, Speed, and Low Cost.

Land Transport

Our LCL Services provide regular, reliable, fast and cost effective weekly sailings Nationwide. Reliable port-to-port and door-to-door transit times consistently throughout the year. Our Less Container Load (LCL) Service offers your shipments real-time update under our control both at origin & destination.

Custom Brokerage

Import/Export Clearance, Documentation and Assessment
Our team handles customs clearance for both imports and exports, ensuring that your cargo complies with all necessary regulations and requirements. We prepare and submit all required documentation and obtain any needed licenses or permits, streamlining the customs clearance process to ensure flawless service.

Duty Calculation and Tariff Classification
We work with our clients to accurately classify your goods and calculate applicable duties and taxes, avoiding potential compliance issues and unexpected costs.

Cargo Inspection Coordination
We coordinate cargo inspections with customs authorities and provide guidance on any needed actions or modifications.

What Our Customers Say About Us

We use their logistics services to ship our cargo weekly nationwide. We don't have to worry about logistics because of them.
- MF
We trust PPC Logistics to deliver quality service. They are one of the best in the Philippines.
- BC
PPC Logistics helps us with all our logistics need. They are easy to deal with and they can do almost everything we ask.
- JD

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